Cutouts 2073 Re-Dreamers - development prod.

Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama, Animation - In a far distant future, in a far away place - Humanity will always prevail!

"In a world of advanced technology and Super Artificial Intelligence Super(AI), Cutouts communities thrive off-grid, embracing nature

and supporting each other while refusing the merging of human minds and consciousness with machines."

Cutouts Communities: A retro-futuristic utopia in the midst of a dystopian world. Emerging as a new movement, these scattered communities 

thrive outside smart cities, harmoniously living in sync with nature and deliberately disconnected from the Super Artificial Intelligence "Super (AI)."

Can humanity survive technology? Can we evolve disconnected from nature?  


Synopsis Episode 1 Act1  "The run for the tale" 

Lior and Tilla, children of scientist parents employed by the system, are sent away from the smart city Fortunate. 

Their parents aim to protect their children's human essence, ensuring that their minds, spirits, and souls 

remain free, untouched, unaltered and un-augmented,  disconnected from the Super AI ( Artificial Intelligence) Network.

Facing stagnation, the system is in desperate need of new ideas that are uncontrolled, patternless and unpredictable.

The search for Lior and Tilla's imagination and dreams becomes a top priority, as they have the power to provide 

the key ideas and perspectives that the system is desperately seeking.

Cutouts Film/Series - filmusikunst GmbH © all rights reserved  

Written by Jorge Riesenfeld & Angela Schwabenbauer-Riesenfeld                                                                                                                

Director, Cinematographer(DP) & Editor - Jorge Riesenfeld   

Executive Producer - Angela Schwabenbauer-Riesenfeld                                                                                                                                             

Music & Sound Design by Jorge Riesenfeld


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Produced by filmusikunst GmbH © all rights reserved

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