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Cutouts - development/production

Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi - In a far distant future, in a far away place

Cutouts is a retro-futuristic utopia set in a dystopian world. The seeds of a new movement emerged. 

Several sparse communities living outside smart cities in harmony with nature, totally disconnected from the Super AI Network. 

Can humanity survive technology? Can we evolve disconnected from nature?

Synopsis Episode 1 Act1  "The run for the tale" 

Lior and Tilla's scientist parents working for the system send them out of the smart city Fortunate

to keep their human mind, spirit and soul free and un-augmented, disconnected from the Super AI Network.

Cutouts Film/Series - filmusikunst GmbH © all rights reserved  

Written by Jorge Riesenfeld & Angela Schwabenbauer-Riesenfeld                                                                                                                

Director, Cinematographer(DP) & Editor - Jorge Riesenfeld   

Executive Producer - Angela Schwabenbauer-Riesenfeld                                                                                                                                             

Music & Sound Design by Jorge Riesenfeld


filmusikunst GmbH  

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